Sample Video: vol100: Houdini Work-Flow Introduction

vol100 Sample 2

Watch this 1st Sample Lecture from vol100.

This video demonstrates the use of the Wedge ROP in the Render Outputs (/out) of Houdini.

Wedging help cycle though many nested parameter values efficently, avoiding desperate second guessing.

I show how the Wedge ROP and Mantra ROP function together, what the $WEDGE variible does, and how to set the proper paths for the Wedge to work.

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vol100 Sample 1

Watch this 2nd Sample Lecture from vol100.

This video shows how to create a wedge without using the Wedge ROP.

You may wonder, "What's with that, Garman?"

Better watch and find out how to make your own home-grown wedge tool.

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