vol390: VFX Reel

vol390: VFX Reel

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This class is about giving you my advice on how to prepared your materials and your thoughts, when looking for a job.

This class is different from the software based classes where you learn specific skills.

This class is about how to best prepare you for that job you have been studying so hard to get.

This class requires a lot of one-on-one interaction between you and me. We will communicate by email, by Internet chat, by phone call and by meeting in person if we are in the same city.

As well going over your materials, I'll most likely uncover common most students make when preparing their materials.

Mistakes which either cost you the job or move your application into the "hire as soon as possible" pile.

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While I cannot guarantee you a job, I can help you be prepared the best you can be for the opportunity.


Step 1: Review Where You Are

Step 2: Improving your Demo Reel

Step 3: Improving your Shot Sheet

Step 4: Improving your Cover Letter

Step 5: Improving your Tech Descriptions

Step 6: How to Prepare for the Interview

Step 7: Mock Interview

This might mean returning improve some things on your demo reel to demonstrate skills employers are looking for.

I'm happy that I have been able to help many of my students present themselves in a way which shows of their strengths.

And every time one of my good students is hired, I'm happy that I may have been a small part of that process.