vol210: Procedural Modeling and Effects

vol210: Procedural Modeling in Houdini

(Previously called "Math for Visual Effects")

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My Procedural Modeling class has been my flag-ship class for learning what is possible in Houdini.

This isn't a class about simulations or fluids or volumes.

This class is about creating procedural setups and effects for animation which involve various creations and deformations of geometry.

In the last few years, simulations of fluids and volume or rigid body dynamics have become popular. And only because CPU speed is faster and RAM has become cheaper. And often the new student wants to head directly toward these.

But there can be much required pre-processing of geometry which is necessary before the simulation can begin. If the geometry is not prepared correctly the chance of a good simulation may be impossible.

And many effects can, or should be, created without using simulations. There is an amazing world of possibilities of geometry which can be created and manipulated by Houdini's powerful set of SOP Surface Operators.

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There are many example Houdini .hip files, and many video lectures.

Students are expected to make many small learning projects and one larger final project.


Chapter A: Hand-On Method of Houdini's Procedural Method

Chapter B: What Procedural Modeling and Animation Means (to Garman)

Chapter C: Geometry Creation

Chapter D: Geometry Editing

Chapter E: Polygon Tools

Chapter F: NURBs Tools

Chapter G: The Copy SOP

Chapter H: The Point SOP

Chapter I: The Primitive SOP

Chapter J: Waves

Chapter K: Random Numbers and Noise

Chapter L: Deformation Tools

Chapter M: Cool Tricks

Chapter N: Rendering Basics

Chapter O: Procedural Project Ideas

Chapter P: Common Problems

Check out my YouTube Channel to see many small test examples of Houdini in Action.