vol105: CAVE: Channels, Attributes, Variables and Expressions in Houdini
Math inside Houdini. Where to find the numbers, change them,
and push them somewhere useful.

vol105: CAVE: Channels, Attributes, Variables and Expressions in Houdini.

(Previously called "Math for Visual Effects")

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This class is for the user already comfortable with the Houdini interface and procedural method.

I go into great detail about "CAVE," Channels (parameters,) Attributes, Variables, and Expression, and how these are used to connect the different editor "contexts" of Houdini, and how they are used to create some amazing effects.

These are the parts of the software which are not as visible at the GUI interface level.

But they are as important as the nervous system is to a living creature.

Modifying numbers in Houdini with math function is one of the powerful tools in this software.

This class is about:

• Where to find the numbers

• How to change them with various math function

• Where to push those modified numbers to make them useful.

Most of the Houdini effects artists and technical directors said they didn't care much about math when they were in high school or university.

It was only after learning a 3D program or watching what others were doing with math, that they learned that some really cool effects and tricks can be created by knowing a little more about math.


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Watch a Sample Lecture from vol100 on using the Wedge ROP and creating a custom wedge method.


Chapter A: Where Numbers are Found

Chapter B: Modify Points with Basic Math Functions

Chapter C: Modify Primitives with Basic Math Functions

Chapter D: Animation: Moving Numbers Over Time

Chapter E: Components of the .geo, .obj, .idf and .rib Geometry Formats

Chapter F: Putting the Math to Work

Chapter G: Expression Tricks

Chapter H: Library of Expressions

Chapter I: CHOPs, Channel Operators


In this course I hope to show you what can be done with numbers and strings to make some cool effects.

There are many example Houdini .hip files, and many video lectures.

Students are expected to make many small learning projects to test and explore the tools.

Check out my YouTube Channel to see many of the rendered example from this class.

See more examples at Garman's YouTube Channel.