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vol100: Houdini Work-flow Introduction.
Introduction to procedural effects and the Houdini interface.


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USD$240 with instructor support
USD$120 without instructor support


This is my all new "flagship" class for 2013. An updated "power version" of my original Gnomon DVD introduction to Houdini.


This class is by far the best intro to Houdini for the serious visual effects artist.


With the hundreds of operators available in the software, it can be difficult to know where to start. So each part of the software is reduced to the "top ten" operators of each section.


The "top ten" turns out to be an understatement. To learn the "top ten" you need some additional operators to really learn and use them.


So "top ten" turns into something like "top-thirty."


It's really the top ten "concepts" being taught. I teach you how Houdini works under-the-hood, and how you should "think Houdini."


I go through each part of the software, one by one. Showing enough for you to get started and feel comfortable with the tools.


The concepts behind connecting operators using channels, attributes, variables and expressions are introduced.


Many example hip files are provided.

Available with Garman's instructor support for the lectures and assignments or without support.


Purchase the class
USD$240 with instructor support
USD$120 without instructor support


Watch two sample lectures from this class.



1: Desktop and Gui

2: Production Work-flow

3: Top Object Level Ops

4: Top Geometry Ops

5: Top Render Output Ops

6: Top Particle Ops

7: Top Compositing Ops

8: Top Shader Ops

9: Top Dynamic RBD Ops

10: Top Cloth Ops

11: Top Wire Ops

12: Top Volume Ops

13: Top Dynamic Pop Ops

14: Top Channels and Audio Ops


For those of you how really want to get a solid handle on Houdini and work to becoming a fx technical director, this is the class for you.


This course is delivered by streaming lectures and suggested projects.

There are options for with or without support for assignments and lectures.


Example from the DOPs lectures.


The course comes with a PDF reference book which includes sections on the slang and jargon of Houdini, common problems and an index to the video so you can find the specific video lecture you need.


This is really the most extensive review of the most used and fundamental Houdini Operators, or "Ops" as they are called.


Example from the DOPs lectures.