Houdini Work flow Introduction
Introduction to procedural effects and the Houdini interface. The Best Introduction to Houdini for the Serious Visual Effects Artist.


vol101: VFX Careers Consulting


vol105: "CAVE" Math in Houdini
Channels, Attributes, Variables, and Expressions.


3D visual effects is all about pushing numbers around to make cool stuff.


I'll show you where the numbers can be found. How to adjust them, and then to put them somewhere cool to create an effect.


vol210: Procedural Modeling for Visual Effects One. Advanced Introduction to Procedural Effects. This covers the lifeblood of effects in Houdini.


vol250: Particles for Visual Effects

I go over almost every Popnet Particle Operator and show you cool setups how to use them.


vol390: VFX Reel
Putting together your demo reel, shot sheet, cover letter, technical descriptions, interview practice.


vol100 Sample

Watch a Sample Lecture from vol100 using the Wedge ROP and creating a custom wedge method.



vol100 Example


vol100 Example


vol100 Example


Visual Effects Education Consulting

Production Consulting


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