Student Thoughts on Vizy Acky

Robby Thomas

Robby Thomas, FX Technical Director
Digital Domain

"Garman is an excellent instructor with a unique teaching style that makes learning fun.  He explains a lot of theory that helps students to develop a thorough understanding of the material, using practical examples to hammer the concepts home."

"Always cheerful and encouraging, Garman makes his students want to learn and gives them the tools to do so."


Shelley Eshkar
Visualization Artist
New York, NY

"I chose to try out Houdini a couple of years ago because I wanted to explore the lower-level operations required for experimental effects."

"I had general knowledge of traditional modeling and animation, but little under-the-hood instincts for how Houdini artists think."

"I took Garman's vol 105 course, and it was the perfect introduction: creating small experiments with objects, primitives, points, attributes; manipulating the data through expressions and custom variables."

"It was a great surprise to see how complex effects could be achieved from seemingly simple setups."

"As a student of the course you watch videos but you also exchange files back and forth with Garman. My Houdini networks came back to me with notes, variations by the instructor, and challenges to make the setups more sophisticated and efficient."

Kevin Mitchell

Kevin M.
Visual Effects Student, Vancouver

"Garman's style and approach to teaching Houdini is by far one of the best I've experienced."

"He simplifies everything in a way that makes it easy to comprehend."

"This gives students the confidence to dive right in, effectively shortening the steep Houdini learning curve."


Shawn Faherty
Music Video Designer/Artist
Boston, MA

"I've been taking Vizy Acky courses for years now and can't say enough good things about Garman."

"One thing I've noticed over other tutorials is he expands further than the lesson at hand."

"Sometimes he might be thinking out loud or giving recommendations to try."

"He teaches how to explore and thus self-learn, something serious artists value."

Shawn's Experimental Music Video:


Jimmy Gunawan
3D Generalist TD, Sydney Australia.

"When I think Houdini, Garman's teaching is the basis. No other Houdini Guru breaks down Point SOP and Expressions like Garman!"


Dave Koester

"Garman digs deep into the guts of Houdini with a concise but playful presentation. His class gave me the confidence I needed to get a job in the VFX industry."

"Also his network of students is really great!  there's always someone around that's interested in helping."


Oscar Tan
Student, Pratt School of Design, NYC
BaseFX Beijing (previously)

"Garman's Houdini class is one of the best education experiences I have ever had. The informative and intense lectures themselves are only a small part in his huge learning resources."

"Besides of the classes, students are also allowed to communicate with each other and even get huge helpful first-hand career advices from Garman himself. Taking his classes is a wonderful process of thinking and practicing. "