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Vizy means visual. Acky means academy.
The name is kind of wacky.


The primary teaching is Houdini visual effects software, the great package from Side Effects Software.


My goal is to prepare my students to work in production. First by helping them understand the most important concepts of the software and how it really works. Then show how big effects are made up of many many smaller effects.


Part of the teaching includes how to plan an overall project, how to work in a production environment, how to prepared yourself for your first job. What to expect while on the job.



For me, learning new things in software has often been difficult. Partly, the concepts are very new so there is a lot to learn.


Part of the problem is how technical skills are often taught. They are often taught very poorly.


Many of the software programming books I own seem to assume you already know how to do the programming and the author is just showing you something you should already know.


Bad idea.


I approach teaching (and learning) as many small short experiments to really examine what is going on and what it's useful for.


Finding a use for technical things makes it much easier to learn. Because you can use it right away.




Is Online Training Practical?


Vizy Acky started out as a classroom with computers for students to come.


Most who were interested in learning Houdini were already working or unable to relocate because of family.


Or they were already on the job and wanted to upgrade their skills.


I am available to students in as many ways as can serve them best. By email, by chat or by phone.


It's best to hear from my students, and what they have learned.



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