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My name is Garman.

My goal is to prepare you for a career, not just follow a tutorials. To teach you to "think like Houdini thinks.

It is important to learn skills which will last a life time. Foundational skills. Part technical. Part design. And to learn to work in a creative environment.

• Give you an excellent foundation in the software,

• Teach you to "think the way Houdini thinks,"

• Provide real-life production examples and ways of working.

Often the new user wants to jump right into the big exciting things like particles or simulations. Because they don't have a solid foundation of the software, they stumble over basic concepts.

Don't think that these courses are a fluff class easy to overlook.

I go over the very most essential operators and how they work with other operators.

Many common mistakes are covered which slow you down at the beginning.

I teach how operator networks are built from scratch.

To learn what is going so you don't need to rely upon shelf tools only.

I've been fortunate to work with some of the best visual effects people in the industry. I want to pass along that which I have learned.


Currently all training is only offered on-line. In the Fall of 2013 I will start to announce some training events local to Bellingham, WA and Whatcom County.

From my studio I will be able to do some one-on-one tutoring for those who like a more personal touch. You will be able to make models like 3d design services , maya 3d models , sell 3d models online .

Bellingham is easily accessible to the Greater Vancouver BC area for those who want to drive down for a lesson for a day.

vol100 intro

"Getting Started With Houdini"

vol100: Houdini Work-flow Introduction is an all new intensive introduction to the very most "getting started with Houdini" operators.

I'll tech you how to think like Houdini thinks.

This class is designed for those new to Houdini who want to get a solid handle on how the software works behind the scenes as well as at the interface level.

It goes over the essential knowledge you need to quickly feel comfortable with the software.

vol100 Example

vol390 VFX Reel Class

Other Current Courses

vol100 Example

vol100 Example

Harry's Broom

Watch an old tutorial how I made Harry's "OLD" Broom for "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."

Contact Garman if you have questions if this course is right for you.

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